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 Auto-Hack-Tool (AHT) - Changelog, Features, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 11 April 2017

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PostAuto-Hack-Tool (AHT) - Changelog, Features, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 11 April 2017

Auto-Hack-Tool (AHT) - Features, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
(11 April 2017)

Guest, please read the post carefully, once you close it we would take it as you accepted all we do here. This site will be shown once per update in the features, tos or privacy and policy and it can be opened in the News button

Changelog last update:

  • Added GiftClaimer - Experimental version
  • Fixed hacktool issues
  • AHT now is faster, less processes
  • Vina-full automation fixed
  • Hack list updated
  • Added config file to make this site appear once per update
  • Minor bug fixes

Past changelogs:


  • Auto-updater:
    -AHT has an automatic updater included in the software. This feature will check for updates once you start the program, a window will be displayed with a progress bar of the update (As it probably did the first time you opened it).
    -This automatic updater will replace just files inside AHT folder, it is a non exception updater, if a file has a minimal change it will try to update it. The host of the updates is this same forum ( domain for now).
    -Auto-updater will take the pleasure of auto restarting AHT while updating if it finds an update in the main file of AHT, it can just restart once per update. Due to if the main file is old it will update it and after that you will have the newest main file. The other files wont require restarting.

  • Facebook login:
    AHT requires a Facebook  login to use the program, this feature is included for many reasons, such as:
    -AHT will need to handle Facebook connections with GiftClaimer tool, and in a nearly future it will need to handle connections to Facebook to automatically extract ids for Hack Tool mode.
    -This feature will be also used to manage a user permission system. Like a normal database with user roles, but will be using your Facebook identification to give you special rewards.
    -AHT will make an automatic like into and now also in, those two Facebook pages are for direct support of the program and there will be also posted news about the program.
    -It will also try to register into a refer link in Playfulbet & Betsuites, don't panic this last feature is explained below.

  • Playfulbet & Betsuites bot:
    We are implementing an experimental new feature in AHT, this feature will be a Playfulbet & Betsuites bot.
    -What is Playfulbet & Betsuites? Playfulbet & Betsuites are free online betting sites, this means the site has a free currency in coins (this is like a game) but if you bet well enough you can claim those coins for real rewards such as €50 PayPal, $30 Amazon Gift, $25 PaySafe Card, $20 PS Network, 3 Month Xbox Live Gold, Minecraft Premium, Clash of Clans Gems, PlayStation Plus 90 days, Clash Royale Gems, 1750 Pokecoins, €20 Paypal, Counter Strike Go, Rocket League, Random Steam Game and they have some special rewards for some countries.
    -For it to work you will need to be registered into Playfulbet & Betsuites. AHT will try to register to Playfulbet & Betsuites using a referral link to an admin account with your Facebook synchronization, for now that is all what AHT does.
    -In a nearly future will provide settings to implement Playfulbet & Betsuites bot so it will bet for us. For now we are studying how to bet and testing it carefully to see if it works right.
    -We are not trying to take advantage of anyone with this tool, we are trying to make you earn real things while using AHT.
    -For users already registered in Playfulbet & Betsuites it will also work for you guys, the delay of the program is to not waste all your coins on nothing, we are going carefully on this due to bets are difficult to made.

  • HackTool mode:
    -AHT main feature is HackTool mode, this mode is an automation of some hacktools sites.
    -What is a hack tool? Hack Tools are websites that give rewards in games but those sites have a lot of annoying ads, popups, redirects, skip-ads links and captchas that we will need to pass through to claim a reward.
    -AHT makes everything simpler while automating those sites, evading ads and captchas using the fastest features we could manage to provide.
    -For now AHT is working for, and

  • Giftclaimer mode:
    -AHT second main feature is GiftClaimer mode, this feature is normally known in the internet as a bonus collector.
    -Bonus collector are programs or sites with a lot of gifts to claim for games. Some of those programs automatically extract them from your friends.
    -AHT automates pages that includes gifts, the main page automated is, this tool basically automatically browse through gift links for the game you asked.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
-Once logged into Facebook AHT will like and
-Once logged into Facebook AHT will try to register in Playfullbet & Betsuites with Facebook synchronization.
-AHT doesn't collect any data from you.
-AHT doesn't collect any login credentials of your Facebook account or your forum account.
-AHT might browse through sites that collect cookies, such as this forum. This is a standard of browsing in the internet, each site has a different policy. Most of them won't harm you so don't worry.
-AHT will browse through ads, some of them will be of AHT and some of them from others.
-AHT in the future could have direct contact information to administrators, if those contact forms have some additional information that will be send in the form we will announce that information in the contact form.
-AHT has a strict policy with script files, if you made your own modification of AHT it will try to update it to the original file. We do this for your own good, and the own good of everyone, so don't try to override this policy.

By using Auto-Hack-Tool AHT you accept all of the things mentioned above, if you disagree with one of them you are invited to close the program. Also if you disagree with some related Facebook registrations or likes due to privacy issues you can create a new account and use your new account with AHT so it won't give you any trouble.
Feel free to contact us trough if you have some concerned or question about AHT.

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Auto-Hack-Tool (AHT) - Changelog, Features, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 11 April 2017 :: Comments

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Auto-Hack-Tool (AHT) - Changelog, Features, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 11 April 2017

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